As radio listeners you may have heard about Radio Al-Mahaba, the only women’s radio station in Iraq. You may have heard the founder of the station and many of her 30 courageous staff members tell of their passion and commitment to be the lone voice for women in these perilous times in Baghdad and throughout the country--a voice advocating basic human rights for women against the creeping religious fundamentalism that seeks to dominate the new government.

Lynne Velling, communication coach and consultant, presents:
for Radio Al-Mahaba in Baghdad,

The ONLY all-women’s radio station in the Middle East

Check back for details or email Lynne Velling as we wait for U.S.501C3 status.

Who should attend...
Business persons, political aspirants, singles, ANYONE who wishes to take the mystery out of finding, having, and maintaining charisma.

Anyone who wishes to support women’s voices in the Middle East via radio,
who advocates basic human rights against religious fundamentalism, and
shares such principles and values for themselves and their children.

The Free Charisma Workshop focuses on:
Developing natural and powerful listening abilities, in order to develop a strong sense of presence in relation with another person. Charisma has been called the ‘it’ factor by L.A. Times writer, Janet Cromley.

Registration will be required and limited to the first 70 responding.
There is no charge for the workshop, however, donations are requested for Radio Al-Mahaba.

For further information contact:
Lynne Velling, Velling & Associates Communication Training.
Telephone: 626.614.0411 or e-mail: lvelling@vellingcommtraning.com

Radio Al-Mahaba is a vital source of hope and information for Iraqi women. The news, talk shows and other programs educate, empower, and support the millions of women who can hear them. Funded initially by a non-renewable grant from the United Nations Development Fund for Women, Al-Mahaba needs ongoing support from people who care about this developing democracy. KEEP AL-MAHABA TALKING.

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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
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