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This 3-workshop series is for individuals who have experienced Speaking Circles® and want to work with content in an expansive, more authentic, impactful way.

This public speaking practice/development opportunity will help you:
Develop a sense of confidence, ease and flow when you speak
Refine and evolve your natural speaking style
Deliver extemporaneous content while staying focused on yourself
as well as your listeners simultaneously
Become more aware of pacing --- noticing how speed and silence work to
enhance or detract from your delivery
Develop your “listening eyes” as well as a “listening field” with your
Find your own authentic power of attraction
Work with your material in a more compelling, engaging way
Enjoy speaking with a deeper appreciation for yourself and your listener
 Strengthen professional and personal relationships

You will apply the skills you’ve learned already in Speaking Circles®, and develop a clearer sense of purpose for your presentation. Participants need to bring some topic or speech concept to work on. Each participant will receive a videotape of your practice and final presentation for your further learning.

This series incorporates the core practice of Speaking Circles® as well as the personal coaching of an experienced professional trainer, teacher, actress, storyteller, counselor --- that’s me! I look forward to assisting you on your path to finding a Voice that is truly yours as you express yourself.

This series is limited to the first six registrants.

"Wow! Your workshop was an amazing day I’ll never forget. …I came away with much more than I expected. You showed me how to stand up in front of a group, speak spontaneously and connect with my audience
by just being myself. That’s powerful."

—Carla Taylor, Real Estate agent

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Advance Registration is Wednesdays prior to each Sunday workshop.
Registration requested by day's end, Thursday prior to each Sunday workshop.
Cancellation policy: Participants take responsibility for payment if cancellation
is made two or fewer days prior to workshop. Three month credit extended.

** 10% off Speech Coaching rate for any Advanced Speaker Series participant.

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Velling & Associates Communication Training
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Palm Desert, CA 92260

Questions: Please call me at 626.614.0411 or

Velling & Associates Communication Training:
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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
Available for purchase.