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"The one thing I would have done differently (about my career) is to have been more self-assured and had more self-confidence. I’ve thrown up before giving speeches and had my knees knocking together before giving presentations to the board…so don’t ever be afraid…”
—Diane McGarry
Chief Marketing Officer Xerox Corporation

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For Beginning to Seasoned Speakers....
Or to Support Your Organization or Staff

Individual and Small Group Coaching
Live or on Social Media — Where your on-camera presence and communication matter!

You’re scheduled to give a presentation. You don’t need or have time to take a speech class or go to a Toastmaster’s meeting. You need very specific help now, focused on you, to refine, polish, get your act and sense of self and connection together. Using Zoom or video as well as safe, supportive, experienced coaching, Lynne will work with you individually, and/or teams to:

Lynne’s customized coaching methods and techniques evolve from her acting background and training, teaching experience, ministerial training, Speaking Circles® International training and workshop facilitation, storytelling, twenty-four years Toastmaster’s experience and from many years in the entertainment industry and business world as a marketing/public relations specialist.

She continues to learn, from each and every client and experience, new and effective ways of communicating --- writing, preparing, presenting and providing feedback and assessment.

"Thank you for the great experience Saturday.  You hold the space beautifully for transformation to occur.  It was so FUN...experimenting with my self-imposed limitations and edges and then moving past them.
Obviously I felt safe and supported
—J. Gullin, Healing Arts Practitioner

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Velling & Associates Communication Training:
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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
Available for purchase.