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"Lynne...moves you beyond the typical performance orientation so common in public speaking and gets to the root of effective communication.  What you'll learn will change the way you see and feel about the whole process of speaking, and, most importantly, listening.  The Speaking Circles® process is very powerful on a professional and personal level."
—Dave Bueche, Corporate Safety/Environmental Manager

"This work has helped me be more spontaneous and present during stressful circumstances. I am shy in front of a crowd, and it has helped me to be more comfortable."
—Samantha Berressa, Attorney, Berryessa Law Firm

"It has helped me to continue to live with my fear of rejection. It has helped me to realize on a deepter level that nearly everyone wants to belong to the group they find themselves in. The insight provided by this work has helped be more comfortable in the fear, in the moment, with one person at a time in the group with which I find myself. Surprisingly that ends up looking like leadership to most people."
—Maurice Abarr, Lawyer, Maurice L. Abarr Law Offices

"I am appreciating...finding this space where Relational Presence is practiced and recalled on some deep level...Thank you for your heartfelt guidance and encouragement to us, as we explore this dynamic field of sound and silence...I look forward to learning and expanding more."
—Laura C., Children's Services Administrator, Santa Monica

"If a person thinks they are solely coming to Speaking Circles® to become a better speaker, they will be happily surprised with the profound healing that goes along with it.  The idea that I can and need to be myself gives me the freedom I’ve longed for."
—A. Starr, author of Raising Brandon

"I am always amazed at how this process seems to have as much to do with how we are 'in the world' as it does with how we are with a group or audience. It is an awesome experience, and I feel as attracted to the 'centering' effect that it has one me, as I do to the speaking benefits that it has to offer."
—Larry Lawler, Mental Health Professional

"Wow! Your workshop was an amazing day I’ll never forget. …I came away with much more than I expected. You showed me how to stand up in front of a group, speak spontaneously and connect with my audience by just being myself. That’s powerful."
—Carla Taylor, Real Estate agent

"'Transformational' is not a strong enough description for Speaking Circles. Decades-long fears, pain, and avoidance vaporized in an afternoon. 'Miraculous' is more accurate. My profound gratitude to Lynne and the program."
—Alyson Kay, Voice-0ver Actress and Author,

"Thank you for the great experience Saturday.  You hold the space beautifully for transformation to occur.  It was so FUN...experimenting with my self-imposed limitations and edges and then moving past them. Obviously I felt safe and supported."
—J. Gullin, Healing Arts Practitioner

"I'm feeling balanced and much clearer. I can see that I'm really being asked to step into my power with this work and develop a professional presence.  I'm so thankful for you and the opportunity to do this amazing work."
—Myoko Partlow, Educator and Program Developer

"I just loved you and your Speaking Circles®! Wow!  What a wonderful, safe, supportive environment to be introduced to.  (They) gave me real clarity and insight into human communication.  It was both fearful and fun all the while holding the breathing, connecting and ease that came with speaking at a whole new level. You are making a real difference in people's lives, especially mine."
—Glenn Sakamoto, Life Coach, Los Angeles

Velling & Associates Communication Training:
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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
Available for purchase.