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"I was part of a presentation team this morning in one of our regional offices. I usually like to know exactly what my role is in a presentation to reduce my anxiety. This morning before we presented, I learned that my plan for the talk was not going to unfold the way I "wanted." - everything changed. I began feeling a slow, hot, anxious tension building in my solar plexus area! But, I brought my attention to my breathing and after a few moments could see that this was a wonderful opportunity to practice being "easy going in the not knowing!" I was able to be internally flexible enough to go with the flow during the presentation (keeping in mind some structure about what I wanted to say, no matter what other presenters might do. I found that the "not knowing" made it easier for me to speak with one person at a time and even be available to speak extemporaneously in a deeper way than I had prepared. Wow! Words cannot begin to express the wonder and gratitude that I have for you and Relational Presence."
—Laura Cutler, Los Angeles, CA

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See more about Speaking Circles founder Lee Glickstein and his book Be Heard Now!—Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease, at the Speaking Circles International website.

"…Working with people at all levels of speaking experience who want to be comfortable, authentic and powerfully effective with groups. Dissolve fear naturally and master the capacity to be fully seen and heard, anytime and anywhere, without the use of performance techniques. Learn how to use transformational listening to compel rapt attention every time you speak."
—Lee Glickstein
Speaking Circles International

by Jeremy Nash, Communications Consultant and Coach, NY

1.  Your presence expands.
Your presence is the expression of the powerful being you are, as experienced by yourself and others, in the quiet of self. You become aware of your power as it is, and you recognize it. You also learn, via your videotape, how you can, unknowingly, weaken the power of your presence in front of a group.

2.  You learn the power of "transformational listening."
Giving others full attention through listening to them and receiving their complete "listening response" creates the magical atmosphere of SPEAKING CIRCLES®. Accepting and giving positive, affirmative feedback completes the transformational process of being "fully heard."

3.  You see your magnificence.
The brilliant reflection which you receive from the faces and feedback of your listeners gives you the opportunity to experience your own magnificence. You get the gift of enormous self-acceptance and learn to live without needing to seek the approval of others.

4.  You discover that you have much MORE to say than you ever realized.
In SPEAKING CIRCLES® the connection created with others is the source of what you say. You learn to communicate from a richer, more satisfying place.

5.  You discover that you have much LESS to say than you ever realized.
You begin to let go of performing and performance anxiety, filler and chatter. The experience frees you to choose when and how to speak.

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6.  You correct your blind spots.
Listening to your videotape at home three times shows you what works. After the third listening, you get to see the greatness that others see in you. You will observe yourself creating and breaking connection, and empowering or lessening your presence. With practice in a Speaking Circle, you learn to "dance" with your audience in the moment. The more often you come, the better it gets!

7.  You draw on the fullness of your entire life.
Everything you’ve ever learned can come together in a Speaking Circle like nowhere else. What needs to be said emerges naturally. This is the essence of spontaneity, from the heart. Each person in the audience experiences you as talking directly with him or her.

8.  You become a natural "people-mover."
You move people from within, as you move people with your stories, and they move you with theirs. People appreciate your genuine, uncontrived, unrehearsed spontaneous sharing.

9.  Your experience of being silent becomes incredibly comfortable.
Silence is the shared space in which creativity is born. It is the “first step to wisdom.”

10.  Your sense of personal value expands beyond expectations.
Your personal satisfaction and sense of presence increase exponentially.

"If a person thinks they are solely coming to Speaking Circles® to become a better speaker, they will be happily surprised with the profound healing
that goes along with it.  The idea that I can and need to be myself
gives me the freedom I’ve longed for."

—A. Starr, author of Raising Brandon

"When it comes to resources, they are a dime a dozen. The exception s Speaking Circles®, (facilitated) by Lynne Velling. She has earned my highest praise. Her interactive workshops deliver everything they say, and more."
—Michelle Anton, Author & Producer

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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
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