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Beyond the Illusion of Separation

In SPEAKING CIRCLES we experience the unity of our shared humanity. We go “beyond personality” to be with others in a more natural, less “performance mask” mode. We know and sense who we truly are and how we can create a field of belonging with our authenticity and listening from stillness. This core experience of holding stillness for self and other is key to effective leadership and presence --- professionally and personally.

SPEAKING CIRCLES is one safe and supportive place to be in stillness, accessing stillness with others in Relational Stillness®, knowing stillness as the source of creativity, insight, and more. Moving from stillness into Relational Presence, we naturally become attuned, with attention, to others, knowing our natural connection to all, welcoming and receiving attention, without having to perform, please, persuade. We come to know our own core transformational power.

Takes practice, every day. SPEAKING CIRCLES help us practice in an intimate, non-judgemental space. We grow exponentially in self-discovery, anchoring our natural awareness of self and other. It’s a practice and art that we can learn and grow.

SPEAKING CIRCLES is changing the way people around the world are communicating - powerful, authentic, clear, more present, at home in their own being, sensing the still center, welcoming, receptive, magnetic, and connected.

Ask yourself
*what holds me back?
*what fears undermine my behavior?
*how can I be more effective, present, patient, balanced professionally and personally?
*how can I have effortless self-focused attention that helps my performance anxiety?
*do I want to inform, influence and inspire others?

See and hear participants talk about being EASY GOING in the NOT KNOWING in SPEAKING CIRCLES:

**Maybe you or someone you know wants or needs just this, more fearlessness and less fear in your life.**

Facilitated in over 14 countries, SPEAKING CIRCLES help people move to greater Clarity, Ease and Freedom, in communication and in Life! I look forward to being with you on Saturdays, once a month, to experience, explore and expand Relational Stillness, Relational Presence, and Relational Voice in yourself, and with another.

Is the fear of public speaking getting in your way of expressing yourself? Is it stopping you from getting a promotion, speaking up at a meeting, relating effectively in any group? You really can change how you feel about public speaking. Speaking Circles will show you how. The atmosphere of acceptance and positive regard at Circles helps you move through the fear with Relational Presence, and find your natural way of speaking as your authentic self.

The key practice learned and developed in Speaking Circles, Relational Presence is a powerful foundation for authentic communication and public speaking. Relational Presence equips you for any kind of personal or professional interaction or public presentation, both in person and online.

10:30AM - 1:00PM

Let go of anxiety in front of your listeners, so you can expand your presence. "Relational Presence®" is the key to your confidence and impact. For all speakers—beginning to experienced. We use the safe and supportive practice of Relational Presence to become more of who we really are, our authentic selves experiencing greater connection to and freedom with others.

Speaking Circles® help:
  • Business professionals become more effective, authentic and powerful.
  • People expand their vision of what life could be like when they are able to
    be fully present, confident and authentic.
  • People who suffer from stage fright to overcome their fears.
  • Attendance is limited to 6
    Reservations required

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    10:30 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific Time
    Jan. 27, Feb. 24, March 23, April 20, May 18

    All workshops are Donation-only!
    (Suggested donation is $50/each)

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    Registration requested by day end Tuesday before a workshop.

    Cancellation policy: Participants take responsibility for payment if cancellation is made four or fewer days before a workshop.

    ***Prior Participants who have attended Speaking Circles workshops
    anywhere worldwide are welcome!***

    PALM SPRINGS area workshops:

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    Jan. 27, 2024
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    Paid In Advance $150.00

    (Note: Prior to changing to a donation-only payment, each workshop was $65 and the package of 4 was $195, with the 4th one free.)
    With donation payment made, you’ll receive workshop confirmation and all details.


    **Cancellation policy: Participants take responsibility for payment if cancellation is made four or fewer days before a workshop.

    Please contact Lynne if you need more information about this program.

    Interview with Lynne Velling, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    Article on the Workplace includes Lynne!
    Read the article by Dr. Mildred Culp, syndicated workplace columnist and author of WorkWise© (pdf).

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    Speaking Circles Workshop Location

    TBA - Will be confirmed upon REGISTRATION or before

    *Can also be facilitated at your site

    Note: Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshops to sign/settle in. This unique transformational speaking and listening practice improves presence
    and more for all speakers, from beginners through advanced.

    "When it comes to resources, they are a dime a dozen. The exception is Speaking Circles, (facilitated) by Lynne Velling. She has earned my highest praise. Her interactive workshops deliver everything they say, and more."
    —Michelle Anton, Author & Producer

    "[Speaking Circles] was a very rich, challenging and energizing experience. The day was a wonderful beginning. I hope to continue to practice in future Speaking Circles."
    —A.K., Landscape designer, L.A.

    "I am always amazed at how this process seems to have as much to do with how we are 'in the world' as it does with how we are with a group or audience. It is an awesome experience, and I feel as attracted to the 'centering' effect that it has one me, as I do to the speaking benefits that it has to offer."
    —Larry Lawler, Mental Health Professional

    Velling & Associates Communication Training:
    Expanding your Confidence, Connection & Impact
    in Professional and Personal Communication

    Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
    in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
    Available for purchase.