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"Your wisdom, dedication and optimism are unmatched in other teachers I have had the privilege to consider a master/professor/coach. I appreciate that you have been an inspirational and guiding force in my adaptation to the USA. There is something more important to appreciate from you and is your belief in and support of me that gave me the courage to step out and find my way back to my authentic self. Without your inspiration, I would to this day be stuck in a life I did not want. Right now I have you in my heart, my mind and you'll be in my historical memory from my first steps in USA."
—R.M., Governmental agency negotiator, Counselor, Instructor, El Salvador


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"I like your teaching style. I use the communication skills that you taught in my life, and I've gotten wonderful results. (You) ... always explain patiently, clearly. (You)... respect different cultures...I've never seen a kinder person than (you). Fortunately, I met an excellent teacher."
—Joan Liu, Classical Chinese poetry university instructor, China

"I am very grateful for your tolerance and encouragement. You have so much patience with me to correct and improve my English mistakes, so I could overcome the psychological barrier of learning English. Previously, I have worried about learning English. I think I have a lot of progress than ever before. Without your help, I couldn't have done it. I have achievement today, it is completely your contribution."

—Mario Yang, Businessman, China/Brazil

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Lynne Velling is also the author of “Finding Your Own Voice,”
in Inspiration to Realization, Vol. II.
Available for purchase.